Monday, August 13, 2007

A Reunion

It was 7:00 a.m. The alarm was ringing in full swing. My mother (as if the alarm wasn’t enough) told me, in a very curt way of course, to show a leg. When I retorted back saying this was Sunday, she in her usual calm way reminded me that my college assignment was pending which I need to submit in a week’s time. Just great! Sometimes I kind of wonder how I’m living a life equivalent of a cheese macaroni gone stale!
Anyway, I woke up and did my daily chores. Just as I was about to sit for my assignment when the phone rang. It was my friend who had called in to wish me for the Friendship’s Day. Its funny how one can get so entangled in his daily humdrum life that days such as this slips from the vortex of one’s mind. After talking about a little bit, my friend invited me for a small reunion of our school mates. But I curtly declined the offer saying I was busy with my assignment. My friend did not coax or cajole me but said that it would have been better if I could join them. For a while I debated my possible options. I knew that this was a rare opportunity to get together with old school mates I had long lost touch with. So after a little contemplation I decided to go for the reunion.
When I reached the venue, I felt as I was standing in the midst of strangers for I could no longer recognize my friends. Some whom I had always known to be of short stature were now suddenly looking tall and full grown. For a minute I felt as if this was some illusion, a mirage perhaps. But no it was something stranger than a mirage. It was Time. We went for a long drive through the city, shouting, yelling and pulling each other’s leg as we used to do when in school. Assignments, project reports and exams shifted to some deep aberration of our minds. Just for a little while we had all lost our maturity and behaved like a child. Some of my friends were now doctors, some engineers and some into other fields. But there was something that bound us all together no matter how different fields we were in – our memories. We knew that in just a little while we would all be dispersed again, lost again in our daily routine. Yet we lived for the present.
Four years after leaving school when I look back at those carefree days, I do get a little nostalgic. Now in the silence of the midday sun, working strenuously on my assignment, I crave desperately for those days when life didn’t mean planning ahead for the future but living in the present.