Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dundee's Secret Confession

                                              On a sunny Sunday in August Dundee arrived in Kolkata from the U.S. His family members had already made necessary arrangements for his engagement to Lina Lahiri.  Everybody was happy.
                                             A few days after his arrival, Dundee was having a cup of tea with his friend Shyam, when suddenly Dundee made a confession. On hearing his confession, Shyam was absolutely flabbergasted.
                  “I don’t believe you did something like that”, Shyam exclaimed.
                 “I know buddy but I just couldn’t restrain myself”, Dundee replied.
                “I’m sorry”
                 “Sorry? How could you do something like that? How can you undo the thing you’ve done”.
                “There was no other way.”
               “But you broke the trust of your family members”.
               “Friend I know I cannot undo what I’ve done, but please for the sake of our friendship don’t let this go out of the room.”
             “But….” Shyam protested.
            “Please”, Dundee pleaded.
                                             After a little contemplation, and a little coaxing and cajoling from Dundee, Shyam promised not to disclose the contents of this conversation to anyone.
But at this point of conversation, Chinu Maasi was passing through the room. She caught bits and pieces of this conversation and from what she got she inferred that Dundee had led an immoral life in New Jersey and also thought that Dundee had already gotten married to an American Mem. Unable to restrain herself, she communicated her thoughts to her husband who in turn told Kishore Da, who in turn told Dundee’s parents – Rajesh and Priya. Rajesh and Priya feeling the strains of morality closing in on them, went and apologized to Lina’s parents. Lina in a fit of rage broke off the engagement and also feeling humiliated at the hands of Dundee gave him a tight slap on his left cheek. Poor Dundee, unable to comprehend anything, shifted to some remote corner, like a rat.
                                             The next day, Shyam came to pay Dundee a friendly visit. He was dumbfounded when he came to know how badly things have changed in less than a week.
           “Hey buddy”, Shyam said, “everything is gonna be alright.”
           “I hope so too, Shyam.”
           “But I don’t understand one thing, how did all this happen?”
           “I don’t know.”
    Shyam, true to his self, fell into a deep reverie for a moment. His brows tightened and he suddenly asked:
          “It doesn’t have anything to do about our conversation, does it?”
          “Do you think someone overheard our conversation that day?” Dundee asked.
          “Could be possible, seeing the way things have turned up.”
      Dundee, gently caressing his left cheek, slowly answered:
           “Boy, I had no idea that having a hamburger in New Jersey could cause such uproar.”


shuchisoman said...

brilliant! your best id say! This post truly shows glimpses of ur bonding with human nature... ur other posts kept me engaged, this one made me laugh. I prefer laughter coz "...& above all realists are the humourists, for they see the world through Divine eys...All funny!" !!
keep writing